Invitation to join the first Quilting Oneness Doublefaced Hexie Hexalong

Quilting Oneness Hexalong 2014On this page:
A new approach to Quilting As You Go – One “Star” at a Time
What can you expect from this Hexalong/Workshop?
What tools and materials do you need?
What can you do for me?
Anything else?

A new approach to Quilting As You Go – One “Star” at a Time

Starting on Monday 3rd and all through November, I’ll show you in several posts per week what I do with hexagons/Hexies – very special Hexies, because they
• are doublefaced: once you’ve sewn them together, your quilt is finished – quilted already, no extra batting or backing or border needed (although you can add it, if you wish)
• are so easy that no previous sewing knowledge is necessary (learn as you go)
• require only few and easily available materials and simple tools (you’ll probably have all you need already – see further down)
• are so quick to make that you probably can’t resist to make another one, and another one (and use up all your scraps)
don’t require basting (with one exception) or paper templates as traditional English Paper Piecing does
add – literally – another dimension to all kinds of Hexie projects large and small
• are perfect for quilting on the go
• are ideal for whipping up small (or not-so-small) last-minute gifts or items for your Christmas Bazaar

What can you expect from this Hexalong/Workshop?

• a size-coordinated template set for large and small Hexies (free download as printable pdf)
step-by-step instructions (by me) and/or links to appropriate ressources
4 (and a half) types of Doublefaced Hexies
several ways of joining them
creative surface design with many easy-to-do variations of simple traditional “straight” and “loopy” embroidery stitches
• a variety of decorative embellishments, including how to make washable fabric covered buttons from scratch
• diverse project ideas, specifically designed for these Doublefaced Hexies

All in all, this Hexalong will be a month-long online workshop, with mini-tasks taking 15 to 30 minutes each. You can access it any time, but maybe the greatest fun is in doing it together, right now 🙂

If you don’t want to miss a post – but don’t fancy checking this blog every day – you can subscribe by clicking the”Follow” button in the sidebar. WordPress will then deliver each new post to your email in-box.

What tools and materials do you need?

You’ll find more detailed information on the simple tools and materials for the Hexalong in the next post, but, more or less, it’s

• a printout of the template set
• some scraps of medium weight cotton fabric
• whatever tools and materials you need for cardboard templates, hand-sewing and embroidery (no hoop required)
• optional: ribbons, buttons, beads and sequins

What can you do for me?

I am offering not only this blog but also this workshop for free so that anybody can follow along, despite any economic limitations. When you decide to participate, I very much appreciate a financial contribution, provided and to the degree that you can afford it. Clicking on the blue star buttons in the sidebar will lead you to a PayPal page, where credit and debit cards are accepted, too.

However, if you don’t have the financial means/possibility, please don’t feel bad about it and do join in anyway – and then have as much fun as you can!

In case you want to do more, you can also contribute for instance by
• forwarding this invitation per email (see button below this post) to family/friends/colleagues who you think might be interested or know someone who is
• spreading the word via your preferred social media (facebook, google+, …) and forums
• getting together a local group (and making a donation as a group, perhaps?)
• commenting, discussing, asking questions in the comments section below
• sending me some happy thoughts and virtual hugs ((()))
• “passing it forward” – do something for free for someone else
• if you have a blog, by writing a post (or more) about this Hexalong

Anything else?

Just as we’ll sew as we go, I’m building this blog as we go, starting from scraps scratch. For the first week or so I will focus on usefulness (= content for you) and I won’t spend much time on making it “pretty”, or on diving into social media – please bear with me, I’m learning… 😉


Then let’s go and do it!



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