Embellishments (1) – Making a Rosette

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Day 4

Today I’ll show you how turn the ribbon into a rosette and how to insert it into the Trefoil Hexie.

On this page:
Materials and tools today
Gathering the ribbon
Inserting the rosette
Your task today
Next time

Materials and tools today

  • a Trefoil Hexie
  • a ribbon or the prepared strip
  • sewing needle with thread (any colour)
  • scissors

Click on images for larger view

Gathering the ribbon

Inserting the rosette

Your task today

Embellish a Trefoil Hexie with a rosette.

Next time

Saturdays and Sundays are for catching up – “Day 5” will therefore be on Monday. I’ll show you then the first alternative for the center of your hexies. This is what it looks like – not pale at all 🙂

trefoil finished

In the sample above I used Pearl Cotton Nr. 5 both as material for the center (dark green) and for the stitches that hold it together (red). You can use any kind of embroidery thread for the center, but also thick crochet yarn like for potholders. If you prefer invisible stitches for holding it together, take sewing thread in the same colour.

In the meantime, your “homework” will be to sew and to embroider – as much as you want – all 3 or 4 hexies you cut on the first day and to embellish them with ribbons, or strips, or not, whatever you prefer 😉

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

{Note: This Sunday I won’t be near any internet access, which means I’ll reply to comments on Monday.}

Have a good weekend 🙂



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