Embellishments (2) – How to Make Fabric Covered Buttons From Scratch

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Day 8

Of course you can decorate the centers of the hexies simply with a button, but what if you haven’t quite got one that fits? Or if you’d rather have a nice round piece of fabric in the center? I’ll show you a few alternatives for you to choose from.

By the way: These buttons are washable and sturdy enough for use with garments and pillows.

On this page:
Materials and tools today
How to cut the base
How to prepare the fabric
How to make a flat button
Alternatives: Padded, Four-hole and One-hole Buttons
For you to do
Next time

Materials and tools today

  • a button big enough to cover the center of your hexies – one side of the button should lie flat; we’re going to use it as a template
  • a piece of not-too-thick packaging plastic
  • a pen, pencil or permanent marker (should write on but not wipe off the plastic)
  • sewing pins
  • something thicker than a pin, to poke holes with (push pin, darning needle, skewer)
  • something to poke holes in (piece of polystyrene, cork board, a double layer of corrugated cardboard)
  • a few scraps of fabric, at least twice as big as the button
  • sewing needle and thread
  • tiny leftovers of batting (if you have got some), else some yarn or thread leftovers – for padding the button
  • glue stick
  • scissors, one for cutting the plastic, one for the fabric

Click on images for larger view

I don’t know why (just some of!) the photos turned out in different colours and blueish – but if I adjust them, the post will be uploaded even later… 😦

How to cut the base

How to prepare the fabric

I roughly cut the fabric as octagons (or whatever shape they turn out to be) because it’s good enough – and way faster than cutting precise circles 😉

How to make a flat button

Alternatives: Padded, Four-hole and One-hole Buttons

The procedure is the same as shown above, with the following alterations:

Padded buttons

Four-hole button

One-hole button with rim

For you to do

Make at least one flat button and one padded button. Decorate them as you like with embroidery or beads, or leave them plain – you can always add something after you’ve attached them to the hexie. For small buttons that’s actually what I prefer.

If you have time, test the four-hole button and the one-hole button (with rim or not) as well.

Next time

On Day 9 = Monday I’m not going to show you yet how to sew on these buttons, but how to make a Flower (or Star) Hexie.

I hope these very plain pictures will tickle your imagination 🙂 What fabric could you use? How could you embroider them? What kind of buttons (decorated or not) would look good? For what projects could you use them?


Flower Hexie
Flower Hexie
Flower Hexie
Flower Hexie

Please prepare for Monday the Large Flower Hexie template from page 2 of the pdf (as you’re at it, you can also cut the small one which we’ll need in any case for the last hexie) and the Large or Small Star template, depending on whether you are making large or small hexies.

Cut at least one Large Flower Hexie – even if you prefer the small ones. For starters, the large ones are easier to make.

You’ll also need sewing needle with thread, fabric scissors and a marking pen or pencil.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.



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