How to Make a Flower Hexie

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Day 9

The Flower Hexie is the third Double-faced Hexie of this series. It’s great as a stand-alone ornament for instance for attaching to bags, place mats, cushions, accessories, but also pops up from any flat surface.

plain flower hexie

Depending on fabric, embroidery and embellishments, it can look like a straightforward geometric shape, a flower, a star, or a crystal.

On this page:
Materials and tools today
Marking the Flower Hexie
Folding and stitching the Flower Hexie
For you to do
Next time

Materials and tools today

  • a cut hexie (Tip: start with a large Flower Hexie; until you know what to do, they’re are a bit easier to fold). If you want it to match the Trefoil and Pinwheel Hexies in finished size, use the Flower Hexie Template from page 2 of the template set.
  • the Flower Template and the Star Template (from page 3 of the template set)
  • sewing needle and thread
  • scissors

Click on images for larger view

Marking the Flower Hexie

Folding and stitching the Flower Hexie

The first round: Gathering the petals

The second round: Folding and stitching the petals

For you to do

Make at least one large Flower Hexie. When you feel comfortable with that, make a small one as well. You can also embroider them as you like 🙂 – have fun!

Next time

On Wednesday = Day 10 I’ll show you some variations on how to sew the fabric-covered buttons in the centers of the hexies.

Apart from the buttons you made and some hexies, you’ll need sewing/ embroidery material and tools and perhaps small buttons or beads for extra decoration.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments 🙂



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