Review November and Preview December

Since my posts about the Process Pledge and Sustainable Balance I’ve been thinking about a way that will allow me to show you more of what I do as I’m doing it – that is in bits and pieces as they come, and certainly not only hexies 😉 – but at the same time present these snippets in an organised manner so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Today for instance I’ll share with you 3 ways to join the hexies, but there are a few more possibilities. I will add those to that post as I happen to do them and inform you of the addition with a quick link.

Until I find a good way to organise the snippets, I might be shuffling things around a bit. If you happen to click a link that doesn’t work, please say so.

The Monthly Theme for December is “The Gift of Your Time”, which I hope will allow for a variety of topics, not just technique as with last month’s hexalong/workshop.

I welcome questions – I never believed the myth of a “stupid” question 😉 Please post them in the comments below.

Happy December to you!



i appreciate your feedback and input!

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