Watercolour Inspiration

Sorting, sorting, sorting … and I found something 🙂

Today I spent decluttering, or, rather, shifting shelves and creating space for fabrics which already believed plastic bags were their home…

I came across some paintings I did a few years ago, which I suddenly saw through a completely different lens: My “quilting glasses”.

I’m not committing yet to anything, no, just wondering… Don’t they look pretty fabric-y?


Dream Scarf - watercolour 2008
Dream Scarf – watercolour 2008


Fresia - mixed media 2009
Fresia – mixed media 2009


Yesterday I joined Society6, a company that makes art prints on a variety of products. I thought the act of signing up would encourage my mind to come up with some ideas. I had no clue that my Muse would present me with paintings I’d already done 🙂

Anyway, I uploaded the images, discovering that Society6 has a special sale today: Free shipping worldwide plus 5$ off every product!

So, if you like my paintings enough to buy them as a print, have a look at my page at Society6.

What inspires you? Or: How do you get yourself inspired?

Have a good week!



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