Block of the Month – December 2014

I’ve finally come up with a flexible format that will allow me to offer a special project for each Theme of the Month: A Block of the Month (pretty obvious, really…)

Another point of focus this month are letters or writing, be they pieced letters, applique, or quilted, or embroidered, or…, as long as they are made using a textile technique – no paints or markers this month.

Download the free printable for December – 16 pages, including guidelines and many inspiring fonts!

Theme: The Gift of Your Time

Block of the Month December 2014
Block of the Month December 2014

or: Take your time before someone else does 😉

“Block of the Month” does not mean that the block has to become part of a quilt, although it can of course. Alternatives are for instance

  • mini quilts
  • pillowcases
  • mug rugs
  • album or journal covers
  • place mats
  • totes

Add other pieces of fabric as required, for instance surround by wide strips in order to make a pillow, or sew onto a textile journal cover.

Adjust the size of the block as adequate for the project.

The further use of the item is also worth considering before starting with the design:

Is it going to be sat on, or does it need to be washed frequently? Employ “sturdy”
materials and techniques.

Does something have to stand on it, like a mug or vase? Keep at least part of the area flat, that iswithout beads and buttons.

Creative Limitations in general

There are so many ways to do something, it’s easy to get confused and spend hours just
on deciding what we want. Creative Limitations help with focus. You can set for yourself
as many as you want, for example

  • work only with two colours
  • work with a limited number of fabrics
  • limit yourself to one technique
  • limit the time you want to spend on this project and choose the rest accordingly
  • sometimes patterns have a minimum or maximum size for a certain technique

Creative Limitations for December 2014

 Integrate the words “take your time”. You find ideas for fonts in the pdf.
 Only textile techniques are allowed, that is sewing, quilting, embroidery, lace, crochet…
 You can add buttons or beads or ribbons.
 No additional painting or writing with markers.
 As this month’s theme is about taking time, I suggest slow stitching = hand-stitching 😉

Have fun – and take your time!


Connect with me on Google+, facebook or pinterest with a photo of your project – of the
process and/or finished.

If you have a blog, write about your Block of the Month and link to your post in the comments.

Grab this button for your blog, emails, forum posts, social media,.. to show that you’re participating:

Quilting Oneness Block of the Month
Quilting Oneness Block of the Month

Copy the code below (double-click to highlight all) and paste it where you want it. Each month the image will be updated automatically with the newest block.

To adjust the width, change “200” to what suits you better.

<a href=""><img title="Quilting Oneness - Block of the Month" alt="Quilting Oneness - Block of the Month" border="0" img="" src="" width="200" /></a>

You can also find all monthly themes as they come on the Block of the Month Overview.


4 thoughts on “Block of the Month – December 2014

  1. Ooo, I have a project I am going to start tomorrow that uses words. If I can’t work it into this project, I’ll have to do another one and use the words!

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