“The Skin We Are In” Online Quilt Art Show – Calling All Quilt Artists

The BadAss Quilters Society is calling all quilt artists for submissions

The background (excerpt):

The Skin We Are In exhibit was born out of the absolute incredulous frustration at the AQS Quilt show  people pulling not one but two works by the Art Quilter Kathy Nida due to a single complaint of one show guest who “thought they saw” a penis on one of the quilts that were part of the SAQA exhibit within the the AQS traveling quilt show. Get the full story here, right from the quilter herself!  There was no Penis.

When and what (excerpt):

Starting January the second (2nd) BadAss Quilters Society will open to submissions from quilt artists world wide whose work deals with the raw human form. Yes, that means if your work leads you to doing the naked human body in quilted form this is the show for you.  Currently this show will be curated as an standing online exhibit with the hopes of getting it picked up into an actual traveling quilt show ( how cool would that be?)

For details read the full article on the BadAss Quilters Society blog.

And here once more the link to the story behind I Was Not Wearing a Life Jacket, the “offensive” work by Kathy Nida, which had been touring with the People and Portraits exhibit since October 2013 before being pulled from the AOS Quilt Show.

“I Was Not Wearing a Life Jacket” – art quilt by Kathy Nida. Image courtesy of Kathy Nida

Even if you’re not interested in participating in the exhibition, Kathy Nida’s articles give wonderful insights into her creative process and techniques, with many images from her sketchbook and her quilts, and detailed how-to’s.

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