Quilting Oneness is moving. Who’s coming with me?

There are only two things that made me join and stay on Facebook: #1 is that as a member of a few fantastic groups I met some amazing people ♥ and #2 that I couldn’t find a viable alternative.

#2 has changed, and I’m moving.


Although I will still check in on Facebook for a little while, I’ll be more active on MeWe.

I’d love to see you there!

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My first Mystery Project 2018

A couple of old T-shirts with a partial design sketched with chalk – basted and ready to be stitched.

My first Mystery Project 2018: 2 old T-shirts, a partial design sketched with chalk, basted and ready to be stitched. What am I working on? :)
My first Mystery Project 2018

What do you think I’m working on?

What technique am I using, and what might the central motif be? 🙂

New year, new course!

Long time, no post…so maybe a quick update is appropriate. 😉

After having explored the world of colouring page design for almost two years, I realized last summer that it’s not as fulfilling as I had expected. I’ve always liked to create with many different materials, and my addiction especially to textiles, paper and mixed media is known, but I had very little time for them. And I also missed teaching.

Time for a turn-around

The past few months I spent testing and preparing a new direction:

World of Magnifica (where I used to promote my colouring designs) will become an arts & crafts & creativity site where I will promote my own courses in combination with tutorials and curated content. That will give me plenty of opportunity to get my itchy fingers stitching and crafting again…not that I need an “excuse” for that, but I think this added purpose will help me to give it enough space in my life.

Do you perhaps remember this one-by-one design? It’s the only “larger” piece I did last year…finished in February: 15 x 15 one-inch squares, some of them halved as triangles, and done as EPP. Although it’s all stitched together now, it’s still pretty much the same – still pinned to that fabric covered sheet of polystyrene because it looks so good on the wall that I can’t get myself to turn it into the pillowcase it was meant to be. 😀 Other than that, I experimented a little bit here and a little bit there, but without really knowing where I wanted to go with it.

And now I do:

Here on Quilting Oneness I want to focus on textile topics and blogging especially for crafters. I’ve collected so much information and so many great resources that I’ve never posted about that I believe I can come up with a post a week. These curated posts will be rather short, but at the moment that’s the only way I can keep them consistent. –  Is it just me who believed that a blog post has to be looong in order to be valuable???

My new site CourseShaper specialises on “all about course creation“. I started teaching adults in 1989, but when I looked into creating online courses a couple of years ago I was totally overwhelmed. There was so much more to it than when teaching locally, and a lot I had yet to learn: making videos, getting and staying organised with files and folders in many places (not just on my computer), promoting courses, launching, finding new ways of communicating with students and engaging them online,…

Although now there’s quite a lot of helpful information about how to create and market courses, there a still gaps, especially when it comes to practicalities, efficiency and making things simple. My goal with CourseShaper is to eventually offer all that I wish I’d had when I started out and which since then I’ve created (and am still creating) for myself.

One of the first of those “tools” was a process for coming up with images for blog posts, social media and Pinterest. For a long time I had a total block (still unexplainable to me, considering that I’d been teaching design!) when it came to creating them. If I really wanted to blog more, and professionally, then I needed to find a quick and easy way for coming up with good quality images.

I did – completely without using complex programs like Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator – and I also found a way of teaching it to others – you, if you like. 🙂

So you may take the title of this post literally: New year, new course!

Today, I’m happy and excited to present to you my very first CourseShaper course (via CourseCraft):

diy-imagedesign-header-800Valentine’s Day Image Design for Non-Designers

For non-designers, creating eye-catching images for their blog or social media can seem to be a daunting, time-consuming task.

If personal style is important to you, you might consider outsourcing image creation to a professional…but wouldn’t it be much more fun (and save you a lot of money) if you could do it yourself? Not just once or twice, but as often as you like?

Convince yourself that creating your own, one-of-a-kind images is far easier & quicker than you might think!

As you’ll see on the course page, the description and the Table of Contents are very detailed, so I don’t want to explain here. You’ll also find there many examples of quick designs that I made using the exact process that I’m teaching.

The course launches next Thursday 17th January 2018. Until then it’s in pre-launch mode – with 50% discount! Here’s the link: https://coursecraft.net/courses/z9Tm4

If you have any questions regarding this course, please post them in the comments!

And if you’ve also decided on a new course this year – I mean for yourself and your life – I’d love to hear about it!

Wishing you a happy, creative and abundant 2018!

Maria xx

One by One – Work in Progress

During December 2016, which was a particularly topsy-turvy month for me with stressful events, delays and other surprises like health warnings, I learned something that was very important: The world does not end just because I can’t do or finish in time what I had planned to.

This time round I paid attention, learned my lesson, and have since been able to maintain a steady, sustainable pace…

…one step at a time

No multitasking but a relaxed focus on what I’m doing at the moment.

Simplifying decisions rather than trying to do everything at once.

Scheduling ahead, but without using this plan for putting pressure on myself.

Taking time-outs whenever necessary.

Practicing intuition by feeling inside what’s best right now instead of looking at the clock.
Going with the flow and not rushing after it or resisting it.

So although there are still three projects which I had thought I’d finish in December, I’m fine with “missing out”. They are still there, and I’ve actually started thinking that the time just wasn’t right for them.

But there’s one project which I didn’t give much thought – you know that sort of thing, at the back of one’s mind yet without perceived importance – and it kept nudging me.

One by One16-10-08002x400

In October last year I went along with the Inktober challenge, and ended up outlining graph paper all month. 😉

Because I design colouring pages, I coloured some of my Inktober drawings to see what they might look like.

The obvious next step was a textile interpretation of one of the designs. As I didn’t think of turning it into patchwork at the time of colouring, I couldn’t match the colours with the fabrics I had, but I got close enough and do like the result.

I haven’t done English Paper Piecing for a loooong time, and was looking for a mindfully-mindless hand-stitching project anyway, so I started cutting 1″ x 1″ paper templates (some of them halved as triangles) and the fabric middle of November. By Christmas I had all the pieces tacked and pinned onto a polystyrene board.1by1-1

And now I’m piecing all the 1 by 1 squares together, one by one, 225 of them (not counting the triangles).

When that’s done, I’ll decide on whether I want to add some shadow with a bit of embroidery to recreate the effect I achieved in the drawing, or quilt it, or just turn it into a pillow case or wall hanging.

If anyone is interested in my Inktober designs – for colouring in but of course also for turning into a textile project (cross stitch, patchwork/quilting) – please tell me so in the comments, including what you’d like them for. I have 31 patterns, and most of them are suitable for “conversion”.

By the way, my printable Fill-me-in Patchwork Calendar 2017 (see also the previous post) is available only for two more days, until 31st January. Then I’ll take the calendar down, the JPG Colouring Images collections (Blocks or Quilts) however will remain available. Please note: The calendar as well as the colouring images are intended for colouring or testing out colour combinations for cross stitch, patchwork or quilting projects. They are hand-drawn and therefore not mathematically exact, nor are any instructions included.

Free Colouring Book with 15 Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

I’m so excited! 🙂

Some of my drawings have been featured in the latest free colouring book by Prime Publishing LLC – the publishing house behind FaveCrafts.com – and, to my great surprise, my Healing Hearts design even made it to the cover page.

15 Printable Free Colouring Pages for Adults
Free eBook with 15 Printable Colouring Pages for Adults

The editors have created a wonderful little eBook! On altogether 28 pages, they curated a beautiful collection of relaxing and uplifting designs in a variety of styles, topics and sizes.

And not just that: Editor Kaylee Pope has also included three articles with helpful tips and very interesting insights regarding the balancing effects of colouring (as if we needed an “excuse” 😉 ):

  • How to Print These Coloring Book Pages
  • Coloring Therapy: Scribble Stress Away
  • Coloring Book Therapy: Fad or Fact?

You can download the complete Free Colouring Book with 15 Printable Coloring Pages for Adults, or the Healing Hearts design as a printable PDF sample page.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Images courtesy of FaveCrafts.

Colouring Time = Me-time

As quilters you’re creative, so you may not be into colouring, doodles or tangles. But do you always feel like stitching something, or rather: Does it always relax you?

I love hand-stitching so much that I get withdrawal symptoms when I don’t do it for a while, but there are also often times when I feel to tired or too stressed for stitching…OK, I admit it, times when I’m a bit worried that my stitches won’t be as regular because I just can’t focus, for whatever reason.

That’s when I like to do some doodles or colouring in – to keep my hands busy and my mind still.

These thoughts (“What is it about colouring or tangles that makes it so relaxing?“) went through my head yesterday when I got my first assignment for the Mini Digital Product Mastermind Group.

This first task was to describe and find the so-called Ideal Customer and to identify one to three problems this customer has. As you can imagine, describing an Ideal Customer for colouring pages is not really possible, they come from so many different backgrounds and enjoy colouring for many different reasons.

But there was something that probably most of them have in common in some way: Colouring for relaxation.

This is mostly because colouring gives us a time-out, a mini-break, me-time. It’s a time period where we can switch off and recharge our energies.

So that’s what my next project is specifically designed for. As a sneak preview I’ll also give you the description I posted for the first assignment:

For people with demanding jobs/businesses or multiple duties, like working Mums or Dads, that is people who are so busy, rushing around and stressed during their daily activities that they forget (or think they haven’t got the time) to
– smile
– take care of themselves first
– take regular mini time-outs for a reboot and for recharging their energies.
Also includes people who are surrounded by negativity, stressed co-workers or clients/customers/patients.

How about you? Are there times when you get caught up in your daily life that you forget to take regular me-time? Are you perhaps so involved that you need to “go to the bathroom” as an excuse for a time-out?

Or, if you do take mini-breaks, how long are they and what do you do? How well can you switch off, how refreshed do you feel afterwards?

And in case you like colouring, doodling or tangles: What does it do for you, how does it make you feel?

I’d really love to know!

Maria ♥

Benefits of Colouring Pages for Adults
Benefits of Colouring Pages for Adults – http://worldofmagnifica.eu