Blocks of the Month and Creative Limitations

Quilting Oneness Block of the Month

I love the variety of Blocks of the Month (BOM) available over the internet. They are great for learning techniques in manageable portions, with results that are beautiful and useful – something to show off, not test pieces to keep in a drawer… My approach to BOM’s is essentially the same – with a slight difference: I want to encourage you to create your own designs. Therefore I will center my posts around questions of design and techniques – from idea to final product:

  • how you can translate your inspiration into fabric
  • design techniques
  • workability and technical challenges
  • improvisation (or: what can you do when it goes wrong?)

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Design Process (1) – Brainstorming the Take Your Time Pattern

In this post I’ll try and describe the beginning of my design process. Usually this happens more or less without me being aware of it, but this time I stopped myself every so often in order to reflect on what I’ve been thinking and to break it down into steps.

I hope you’ll find this useful – even if it’s just so you become aware of how you are doing things 😉 Perhaps it also gives you some ideas of how you can tackle your Block of the Month, as different as it may be.

If you haven’t done so already, download the free printable for December – 16 pages: the guidelines from the previous post, plus “Take Your Time” in several fonts.

On this page:
Having or getting an idea
A closer look at what I’ve got
Thoughts while tracing the pattern
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Block of the Month – December 2014

Block of the Month December 2014

I’ve finally come up with a flexible format that will allow me to offer a special project for each Theme of the Month: A Block of the Month (pretty obvious, really…)

Another point of focus this month are letters or writing, be they pieced letters, applique, or quilted, or embroidered, or…, as long as they are made using a textile technique – no paints or markers this month.

Download the free printable for December – 16 pages, including guidelines and many inspiring fonts!

Theme: The Gift of Your Time

Block of the Month December 2014
Block of the Month December 2014

or: Take your time before someone else does 😉

“Block of the Month” does not mean that the block has to become part of a quilt, although it can of course. Alternatives are for instance Continue reading